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A Helping Hand  

Thankyou Jason for shedding light on a communication problem that had become a huge problem between myself and my partner. Jason explained and shed light on what had become a destructive pattern for us. It was like having a light turned on and suddenly we were able to see clearly and understand the reasons why our relationship had become so difficult. With Jason's support and guidance my partner and I are now the strongest we have ever been. We understand each other and respect each others differences and support each other emotionally. Jason has made such a huge difference to us and in a relatively short time. Thankyou again Jason for not only helping us, but putting us at ease as soon as we met you. Thankyou again x

November 20, 2019  
A wonderful therapist!  

I found Jason after spending time trying to find a private therapist, specialising in sexual difficulties. I will admit I was scared to go into therapy and I was in half a mind to just run after I turned up for the first appointment (very early), the great news was Jason clearly picked up on my body language and did his best to help me feel like I would be in a safe place. I will never regret staying for the first session, nor the 20 month long journey of self-discovery we went through.

It was quite the rollercoaster; with me both struggling to initially open up about everything and my avoidance with bits of homework. But Jason was a patient guide and helped me to work through things, taking his time and suggesting different options for me to try.
I slowly went from saying "I don't know" to acknowledging and accepting that I do know, and actually being able to verbalise what I like and want foe the first time.

I couldn't haved for a better person to go on this journey with, there was no judgement, only a very open mind. Plus he truly listens to what you have to say, even when it is emotional intense or difficult.
As well as providing a safe space, Jason is also full of resources and techniques. I managed to learn a few exercises and I still do some of them now.
Jason is very capable of dealing with a variety of issues and was able to support me through quite a bit, even things I had not initially gone to see him for.

Thanks to him I have come a long way and grown so much as a person, I can't thank him enough!

October 17, 2019  
Excellent therapist.  

Excellent service, Jason was great at making me understand my problems. I learnt thinks that I was missing like my sleep problem, which I was blind to. This was affecting many aspects of my life and Jason made me have routines which helped. He gave me great tips on other areas too, like exercises and things to help with stress. He improved my confidence a lot more and helped my relationship with my girlfriend and friends too. I will use your service in the near future, you're excellent and very friendy. Thank you very much 🙂

March 28, 2020  
So nice, so professional, so helpful  

We brought some communication problems and one big family issue to Jason after we had led ourselves into a situation where the more we dug the deeper we found ourselves.
Jason has been a refreshing balance of very effective guided reflection and observation, always non-judgemental but equally willing to help us see ourselves (both individually and as a couple) from a more detached perspective.
From our experience we would have no hesitation in recommending Jason to anyone who needs help in addressing and resolving personal or relationship issues.
Thank you Jason, we really appreciate the work you did with us and the fact you made us feel so comfortable with the process from the very start.

March 28, 2020  
Personal experience.  

If you have any hesitation about booking into see Jason then don't. He is beyond amazing and he'll never judge you and can make sense of any problems you put towards him. After sessions with Jason I always left being able to see a clear picture and with a much better understanding of situations. It makes dealing with your issues feel so much more realistic. He will never put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable, infact it became the opposite. Talking about the toughest things I was experiencing almost became enjoyable. After Jason's help I came through things I never believed to be possible and genuinely have had a better life because it. I would genuinely recommend him to anybody.

June 11, 2019  
Don't Suffer in Silence  

It had never occurred to me before seeing Jason how much my mental health had been compromised by my medical condition - I had been diagnosed with Vulvodynia 2 years previously - but after being referred to Jason by my GP I realised how much I had been affected. Jason has helped and guided me through one of the hardest, most difficult years of my life. His calm and open manner makes him so easy to talk to and connect with, allowing me to feel validated in how I felt for the first time in a very long time. Through the 7 months I saw Jason, he not only helped me to grow into a stronger more stable person, but also helped my relationship flourish in ways I didn't realise it needed. If you have any reservations about exploring such deeply personal issues, don't. Suffering in silence is truly damaging, and seeing Jason finally allowed me to express how I was feeling in the healthiest, most productive way possible. Without his guidance, as cliche as it sounds, I'm not sure I'd have been able to grow in the woman I am today.

July 26, 2019  










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