This is the foundations of any personal relationship that works well. It means that both partners understand


  • I am different from you


  • You are different from me


  • I do not expect you to be like me


  • You do not expect me to be like you


  • I am on your side


  • You are on my side


  • I trust your capabilities


  • You trust my capabilities


  • I will not force, shame or nag you into changing


  • You will not force, shame or nag me into changing


Looking at the different backgrounds which any couple bring to a personal relationship can help them to understand why there partners are as they are and why they behave as they do.


From increasing our understanding of the other, respect can grow.


Do you receive proper respect from your Partner ?

Try telling each other about a way in which you feel respected and a way in which you would like to be respected better.