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Author: Jason Gillery

Coronavirus – Telephone counselling, webcam counselling and live-chat available for new and exisiting clients.

I Appreciate there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety at this time, with regard to what will happen over the coming weeks with the Coronavirus. Understandably there maybe concerns around accessing face to face sessions at this time. If you are concerned or are having to self isolate,  I am able to offer my counselling services through other mediums. I am able to offer telephone counselling, webcam counselling and live chat counselling as alternative options. Check out my page around these other services available

Online and Telephone services

Or alternatively send me a message


Call  on 07841 354305 to have a chat about these services and how to arrange appointments etc.

There could be many reasons why these alternatives to face to face could be a good option. For some clients counselling face to face can often feel a daunting prospect. It could be you are housebound, disabled,  or for mental health reasons. Finding a baby sitter can often be a reason why clients seek alternative options to face to face sessions. Maybe you are wanting counselling but work away or you would like couple counselling but your partner works away. Whatever the barrier is for you then this can be a way of still being able to get the help and support you are wanting.

I trained to work in these mediums through Relate, and have 5 years experience of delivering counselling in these ways. I have worked with a range of individuals and couples who have found it to be an effective way of accessing counselling. All from the comfort of your own home.

It’s important to check that the counsellor has had specific training in the different types of mediums offered.

Existing Clients – If you would like to arrange our sessions by telephone or webcam, please get in touch or we can discuss at our next session.

Respect in your relationships


This is the foundations of any personal relationship that works well. It means that both partners understand


  • I am different from you


  • You are different from me


  • I do not expect you to be like me


  • You do not expect me to be like you


  • I am on your side


  • You are on my side


  • I trust your capabilities


  • You trust my capabilities


  • I will not force, shame or nag you into changing


  • You will not force, shame or nag me into changing


Looking at the different backgrounds which any couple bring to a personal relationship can help them to understand why there partners are as they are and why they behave as they do.


From increasing our understanding of the other, respect can grow.


Do you receive proper respect from your Partner ?

Try telling each other about a way in which you feel respected and a way in which you would like to be respected better.


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