Counselling delivered through online services is a great way of being able to access counselling, from anywhere in the world.

It is proved that receiving counselling through these mediums is as effective as face to face. Offering an easier, more convenient way of getting the help you need.

You may feel that face to face counselling might feel difficult to access for a range of different reasons. Childcare can often be a challenge for people to access counselling face to face.

Young people may find the idea of face to face  daunting. Instant messaging can be ideal as it is in a format they are used to. An advantage to these services is that they don’t have to see anybody, but can still get counselling support.

Easily accessible from anywhere and  can be delivered to you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. If you can’t access counselling close to you, or maybe you travel away with work, then this can be another reason for considering these services.

It can be arranged as well to offer couple counselling, even if you are both in different locations.

Services Offered


Instant Messaging


I offer the webcam service through Zoom, a secure platform and can be arranged at a time that works for you. A link to the appointment will be sent in advance of the session. Each session is for 60 minutes and offered at the same rates.

Having trained and delivering counselling through these mediums for over 4 years,  the feedback received from clients has shown this to be an effective way of accessing counselling, when it may not have been otherwise possible.

Payment for these services is through bank transfer prior to the session.







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